"The agency-workshop DEROBERHAMMER is a pioneer in exclusive custom-made products. We develop and manufacture products that appeal to the senses in a sustainable way."

We create beautiful things for people who appreciate the extraordinary. We deliver unusual things for companies, that surprise their partners with them in the long term.

These objects speak the language of their brand, which thus becomes tangible. Our customers experience us as a partner who turns ideas into objects. 

We look for our customers & suppliers in Europe. We find them when we feel that they have the same high standards as we do. 

Our creative performance starts with the concept, includes the development and finds its crowning conclusion in the implementation.

What makes us tick.

  • We are incredibly curious about the surprising and the unusual.
  • We are always very open to new ways of seeing things.
  • We trust our experience as much as our intuition.
  • We love to work as a team at eye level.
  • We have wonderful partners who stand by us when needed.
  • We are naturally fun-driven when implementing exciting projects.
  • We believe that sustainable thinking and actions are important.
  • When we believe in something, we pull out all the stops. Really all of them!